Computer virus model of a metaphysical threats

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is the look on life processes in terms of the evolution of the spirit?

    How can control the entities in the system implicitly ?

    Why using God’s name during bustle is bad for your karma?

Preliminary material for the study:

    The generalized model of the universe

    Karmic machine

How is it that there are different foreign elements, malicious evil entities, that intercept and control over the thoughts of entities?

The answer is obvious and reminds the opposition between defense and attack systems: for more sophisticated protective systems come up with more sophisticated attacks. Therefore, you cannot guarantee the absence of evil and dark forces at various levels in the system. It is logical to assume, that “antivirus” scanners constantly monitor activity. But given the complexity of their task of identifying malicious processes, one must realize, that you need to take an active part in this and to bring to the attention of the administrative machine tools to restore order in the system. Malicious entyties are not afraid of you, they fear only “system administrators”. Because of it behavior or attack will be reported something like: “Detected an anomalous behavior of N bodies or objects specific to CCCC entity. The heuristic analyzer has already sent and conducts additional checks. Terminator to intercept this entity is configured and will be sent via … units of time.

Here is the only one thing that the entity, which captures the bodies doesn’t start wildly boldness and abnormally behaving when it is not in its plans. So, there is checking whether it be competent owner of the body of the sinner. The administrative module looks at it as a natural formation as a result of the actions of the man himself. In other words, it checks does the entity in the list of valid entities involved in evolutionary processes at this level, corresponding it karma of the man or not. Foresaid is about really the so-called “devilry” when the bodies began do something strange. For administrative scanner it is enough of your mental signal, example “what a horror I watch, my God!”. But in the most severe cases for fidelity it is recommend to say the name of God, because they may jam the signal of a thought and the system does not see them and your mental thought, although you clearly see it for example. The spoken word is very difficult to remove from the system. The system interceptor, administrative scanner is necessarily will work. And if it will analyze, that you just a “spammer” and distract it from real threats, then you have bad karma – karmic minus will be provided to you. It will be recorded you in “ban for flooders” list)).

This happens when any dumb woman by reason of the funny danger from any animal or insect or simply the threat of badly or brought up people and other actions caused by bad karma. So she starts to things all Divine to assist her. But more often it just happens when the entities, who capture people, enter the Name of the God in the permanent lexicon, thereby disorienting the system and diverting it from real threats-i.e. Here, as is it often will be, the woman is an accomplice to evil forces, and they use her karmic account.

If you use these stupid thing, then the next time the help may not come to you. It’s not worth waiting for instant results – there is a need to carefully cut out the essence from the system: may be it really shouldn’t be here or if it is not only from this world or generally do not understand what it is.