After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How are the cellular structures do their work?

    What is the main aspect of a healthy and long life?

    What are the types of attacks on a living organism?

    Why don’t you compare your achievements with others?

    What is the cause of aging?

Eastern wisdom says, that the health consist of many components: you need to get the necessary energy of chi or prana and it is need to be properly circulated. The conclusion is obvious: the cell structure of all living organisms work ( from eastern point of view – by chemical oxidation reactions) on the analog of electricity, on which have work a computers and robotics, which made by humans.

Prana is a fuel for molecular machines: which build new cells and constantly update the body tissues. The mechanisms of cells also work on Prana – “thin” energy.

Next level required for health is the correct algorithms. The correct algorithms are provided for by the health of the subconscious. By analogy it need to think, thinking or conscious structure also consists of a special type of matter, but supports their work Prana at a higher level universe.

The disease is a violation of the algorithms of the subconscious or suppling by prana relevant cellular mechanisms. By eating food the body get building material for the bricks and cells-thermal processes, but here is the structure for the assembly of these “bricks” cells operate at the prana.

Violation of circulation of Prana in the body leads to disease. Damaged souls and unconscious thin structures leads to violations algorithms.

Let’s take a typical problem – poor vision most people.  There are a spasmatic eye muscles, because to it are constantly transmitt parasitic signal. Because of this, the eyeball is deformed in a most peculiar way and image does not fall within the zone of sharpness. The reason for such eye diseases lies in the otherworldly parasites, that use Prana in the eye and break the mechanisms controlling muscles.

Accordingly, you can imagine the different kinds of attacks on a living organism. There is an attack on the mind, when it is difficult to concentrate, head of a misty, there is no thoughts and there can be discomfort.

The attack on the deprivation power of the organism: you have no strength or there is weakness, fatigue…

Simple solution how to get rid of that and knock down attack has been found – you need to change your location, get out into nature. There is a better solution – it is a sport and the load must be sufficient so, that a foreign elements did not survive and “fell down”. Under load the parameters of the organism and the subtle bodies are different and foreign elements must either adapt, what is hard, or partially stop its malicious activity. Due to this locked areas of bodies receive their prana, and there has been a surge of forces during by the attack of deprivation forces.

It is necessary to add, that all man are in completely different conditions, either environmental conditions were almost identical. It is difficult to compare a progress of the people, someone incur by this attack that in such conditions another man can do nothing at all. For example: If the object is under the high interests (of soul and spirit), it turns out, that the higher level of the hierarchy, the entity that see the varies the future further and therefore carry out necessary adjustments right now and these adjustments you may not like.

Typical methods of dark forces may look like this: their reasonable essences intercept control from living subjects, preparing the path of your movement various dirty big and small tricks. It must be recognized, that in moments of possession of other people trying to get through to their mind is useless, they are not aware of the report what they do. And appeal to the feelings is futile of those who are eat a sinners for breakfast lunch and dinner, and now control the mind and the body of object. Typical of their tricks aimed at violating your spiritual equilibrium, to infiltrate you. And when dark forces are fully in control of the situation implicitly, it get what it want from people.

All man are located in completely different conditions, and each receives a different loading to overcome themselves and the growth of the spirit’s power. In addition there is another important aspect: perhaps someone who was originally in the body is not exists there. If man was a weak and may be almost completely eliminated by strong entities and they control him/her implicitly, and own willpower subject don’t have. There are a lot of such people with different dependencies: drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food and so on. Lack of willpower may not be clearly noticeable. But the body may be under control of something different. Therefore, generally, the competitive environment does not have entities equal of according to their abilities and possibilities. But here you can find almost everything in different agglomerations with each other and implicit relationships. Therefore, comparison with someone else out of place, correct to hold the competition with yourself. Even in the field of sports there are deprivation of forces to one and pump by prana to another object so, that even it could not sit on a one place, becomes crucial in some cases.

Yogas, monks, martial arts masters by use the prana can bring the body to a new level of excellence and of locally changing the properties of matter by prana.

Aging means that Prana ceases to flow in molecular machines in the right quantity.  In the body there is always a huge amount of harmful microorganisms and as long as the body is strong, does not allow them to rapidly multiply. But if there will be slack, micro-organisms begin to decompose the organism. In fact only the Prana is the mechanism of immortality and longevity. Therefore ancient lived in special places and built a very original designs))).