After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is the main trouble of eating meat?

    How the karmic machine distributes the negative karma of tortured animals?

    Do animal have rights given by God, or is it just a “food”?

    Why Indian sages are sweeping the road?

    What is the real reason the birth as masochist?

    What is spiritual cycles?

    How do the karmic machine stimulates reform?

    What is the metaphysical essence of modern megapolises?

Consider the application of the theory of karmic machine attached to the meat factory:

Suppose in the country in city N a meat-packing plant exists. Karmic machine is incredibly smart, so think the whole karmic negative for this “dirty” manufacturing take a butchers cattle and meat-consumers would be wrong, because the causes of this phenomenon is much more extensively. The percentage given to those, who get picked up that worker, who signed the construction of meat processing factory, to the local authority and to the hierarchy of power in the country. Even there is a percentage of each servant of the Church (because it will already be public negative karma), which poorly conducted advocacy of vegetarianism and the like out of the post, and some in the post to devour the sinful meat food, though, it is true that God created the cow for food to him, not to wolves, for example. Yes, Karma pay the Bills to wolves too – in that there are less of predators. Well, this is a separate issue.

And yet: the society will get a tiny percentage of the total of sin, but there is a “special spots”, which will be a great general accrual. The percentage depends on the responsibility (contribution) of their acts. The total accrual of liability for their acts will be proportionally for each negative karmic occasion, and the greater area and population – the those cases will be more. Well, in general, each person in the hierarchy of authority up to the President and the secret elite have a own percent. In fact, it is their handiwork or case, committed with the acquiescence. Now, if we multiply the number of meat plants in the city, in a district, in the country finally and calculate the negative karmic contribution to the appropriate levels of authorities… You can make a simple conclusion – the more superior power, than the “richer” it.

Here let us take for example the Indian sages: the most enlightened of them nor the fact that the meat is eaten and other sinful foods. Their retinue sweeping their way that they can’t accidentally stepped on a bug. Because karma is really don’t interest the reason: foolishly, dullness, by accident or what caused all along, it will then pay. May be they cranks, but keep their negative karmic balance on an available minimum. And as long as the world exists, then display it in your brain and mind is displayed, you can be sure, that karma is not “bankrupt” and regularly works with “payment”. Even if masochists stop to be born here, which karma in the Hells do that they torments have pleasure to theirs – it does not mean that everything is wonderful. Because there is time shift and other things, and may have even those, whom the Karma so torment, that they no longer were born here, somewhere in an alternate world where the all “harder”.

The consumption of meat makes a person more impudent and bloodthirsty. Because of this, there are a number of military conflicts. People, who not eating meat more peace-lovers and are tolerant towards others. By itself, the use of meat are incompatible with conscience and high morals. With the meat in the body penetrates everything dark and begins to implicitly control the actors through the subconscious mind. Thanks to the meat dark side of the soul are further developed. Long consumer meat become unclear as it is possible to live without meat, and believes this subject is likely in fact only in atheism.

A little about spiritual cycles

And now another unpleasant thing – now is the flowering of atheism, so massively and powerfully dark forces have not roamed. They cunningly invented-you will have to pay for your own stupidity, although dark forces also get karma. Even the ancient calculated big spiritual cycles – this is when at certain times the corresponding spiritual entities have an advantage over the other. For example, at night the evil night monsters have an advantage, and all the others are hiding or occupy defence. You have to understand, that they all operate predominantly in the us – in the nervous system and the minds (there are of course those who change and space in its sole discretion). They do it in the sense of being in a deeper layer of space and therefore can directly influence to the subconscious, conscious and thought processes. So, our story made in the dark period. Hence, there are a numerous conspiracy theories and stuff, because the whole system is built on atheist on craftiness and deceit, direct and implicit, juggling of facts and conceal the truth. Because the dark is profitable, they have much to gain from this.

Dark forces really think, that they will escape the karma. Because theoretically all lose in the fight with the karmic machine of this world, but they use karmic machine of a deeper level to the local karmic machine and it not crushed their so quickly. But on the whole the fight levels being it’s only a matter of time, because of the relativity of time results don’t appear here soon. In that there is some problem. And the battle with the mechanisms of the Creators is not for the people. People even think yourself really do not know how, most discoveries given by karmic machine as a dream or inspiration or something like that. Fight with karma is useless, it was the main caregiver, and it is rather austere and who forgot that things it lucidly explains. From karma you nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All things (creation) is subordinated to the Karma just by definition.

Get a simple corollary: karmic negative earnings of the vertical of power are simply phenomenal. Karma will to create for them a separate vip world where it will be them “pay”.

Well, if people demand the meat, it must be purchased from nothing responsible neighbor atheist, who naively thinks, that lives in a chaotic universe, derived from the monkeys and the like fairy tales. The percentage of negative contributions will be less and the distribution is another, but it still does not solve the problem, because a personal account of negativity will not increase rapidly.

It can be said, that the karmic machine is the main stimulus to reforms in the right direction and delay misery like.

We should mention, that the ordinary sinners are not lucky too. For this we need to squarely look at the advantages of the city from the perspective of the cultivation of sinners. First, the herd instinct – it is necessary to impose a system of values, when “cool” is a bad thing, when abominations are elevated to of normal necessity and become normal When the most of the faint people would be lost amid the sins themselves without knowing it and not get form above it. And they do not even think that doing something bad.

Secondly, the main thing in it is wealth, i.e. money. For this it needs to create conditions where no individual without money, and the best in the world (accommodation, partners for reproduction, etc.) will go to those, who have more money. Money becomes an end in itself the existence of, for the sake of their large numbers are willing to take an even greater number of sins. And in addition, to make a living without money in a major city was impossible.

Third, there is an imposition of stereotype thinking – if you do not earn, a feminine considers you as loser. Modern woman living in prosperity and luxury, and should “cool” to bacchanalia in her youth, and in old age, “ignite”. Normal guy eating meat. Movies about it, clips, songs for the advertising of a “modern” cool lifestyle.

Fourthly, who does not eat meat, observe the correct healthy lifestyle – he/she is a stranger. Cool one who drinks a lot of vodka and has a meat snack. That he’s a real guy.

You can see a huge set cultivation techniques of sinners, because the “hunger is not an aunt, and so (the devils and other dark forces) who collects the harvest they chase for the “golden calf” from those places of compact residence, simply put “farm”. Dark forces are constantly coming up with something new – they also have their incentives : family needs, the status and rank of the earner of sinners. If you will not get enough of the sinners – their women called him a loser and will not want to reproduction with him))

So it’s easy to understand the point of view of devils on Megapolis – out of sinners is almost 100%. Almost all who died, go to hell for devil’s meat-packing plant. The Biblical point of view on all of this is well known: in areas with high concentrations, it is recommended that you have 1 correct living people (righteous) per 1000 or 10000 people population – that’s really don’t remember exactly. Otherwise God will solve decides to destroy them all there. And it is not a matter of someone there to save them – in Bible its namely the destruction – therefore, we can assume that living there for many generations degenerated and no subject to correction this situation.