After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How looks the end of the world from a different perspective?

    Who will do the end of the world?

    What are the causes of this event?

    Who are not “lucky”?

To understand, what lies behind these concepts, you should answer to the questions: who will make the end of the world? What are the reasons? who will suffer in the first place? and others.

In addition, the “truth” is always will depend on the position of the observer.

For the atheist: it is a predictable sequence or random global catastrophe. The organizer is natural forces in the form of a cosmic or planetary cataclysms, or military actions of rational beings due to their greed, competition, lack of foresight. Who will suffer – the majority of ordinary people. But on the basis of the materialistic world view more chances to survive have a particularly rich or especially lucky people.

Advanced level of atheists, that believers in the afterlife, thinking and reflecting people : the epic battle of good and evil will reach our world, but good wins evil and come the happy end, but many men will suffer

For ordinary believers, based throughout the Scriptures: God punish people for their sins, the sins are some specific bad acts, which most of them consider, that they did not it commit. And so they are good and suffer is to only bad.

Priests and esoteric: the “end of the world” is for scientific called the Apocalypse, part of the angels of Light have betrayed and crossed the side of darkness. And there is a mess, because of the leak of classified information and technologies in virtualized environments for growing spirits. Instead of creating the perfect conditions for the spiritual growth of the many people, they produce psychic energy, capture the subconscious mind (contents), are promoting debauchery and filth, smoked and alcohol soul right here, not waiting for when they will go to hell. By analogy with animals, instead of admiring the divine creations, they turned down in a food and the meat and dairy industry. There are problems, like the one, that it is not clear. What is good and evil ? – there is no clear definition and understanding of the life processes in General.

Divine powers: from holy books their point of view is well known. The force of darkness for easy operation degenerated majority of the population (wars, cleansing on a formal basis, when destroyed, physically capable to defeat the forces of darkness and organisms and were left with vulnerabilities), rounded up their herds in places of compact residence. Using herd instinct advertised bad, that it became it’s cool, did abominations usual commonplace and the norm. And because of this was to suffer all life and karma of the people has become terrible. And so, Creators decide to do a response cleanup of degenerates in their opinion. Then logically must survive the most pure and sinless. From this point of view, the end of the world can be interpreted like this: most people will become dark entities, that have little to do with the divine nature of man and they become enemies of Light, i.e. for them, the Light becomes darkness.

Divine powers of the high level (outside standard terms): their opinion is unknown, one can only guess – for example: in the current revolution cycle by more optimally selected parameters of the counteraction forces of good and evil, we increased the output of finished spirit products at so much percents and quality increased to so much. The level of the Absolute: generally only fantasy – something lives or improves yourself by changing the internal state on certain cycles or program.