If you belong to the category of people who care about the own fate and fates of your children, if you ever had questions: why do all this? Have religions and beliefs any real meaning? What happened before in the world and what is now?, then you’ve come to the right place.

If, due to the efforts of modern secular society the idea stuck in your head, that the world is so much complicated and huge and God could not create it. Or your understanding of the commandments of forgiveness is when all sins are forgiven, and can you believe, that if so many of injustice in the world, then there is no God (although it simply means, that the rush in the restoration of justice is absolutely no need, and the attributes of divine origin is contrary to this policy), then now it’s the time to sort out these issues.

Very brief: all living beings to the measure of their spirituality has own rights, flagrant violations of their rights leads to negative karma, a large amount of negative karma results for hell and positive karma not recoverable negative karma. Evidence, that all life is inspired by God and requires compassion, if in life to do the opposite, are in hell.

If you are sure, that nothing will happen after the death or, most likely, you will get to Heaven – you are lucky people and have the chance of spending a little time learning the material on this site and can avoid the big, long and painful problems in the future. And that future will inevitably come and fix anything will be too late.  Because at this time, the chances of avoiding hell to the average person shall be negligible.

This is confirmed by the facts, that most people are fed sinful foods containing negative karma, some souls smoked right here (smoking), part of souls alcohol-pickled (alcohol-containing beverages), and a debauchery completes this case to the desired condition. Unfortunately, the current soulless existence leads to a huge and comprehensive supply almost to hell, but if it is  require large one-time delivery (mass culling), then they arranged a war.

If you do not care what with you will be afterlife, the exit button in the upper right corner – I do not want to clog your head off unnecessary thoughts and ideas. You have one life and still have a lot to get done … And also, I would not want to break your little world of atheistic illusory happiness. So, be healthy, live well …

In the context of the present reality , the above means something like this: If you do not care, when from you (or from your soul that is you too) , will be cut tender and juicy pieces with soft delicious places, and yet in one place meat grows, extract them from another location. Well, if your soul and still be able to give birth , the milking and so much more – here  you can understand, that there are a lots of options. And the imagination of the devils are not limited. Well, continuing the thought, your goal as, for example, by analogy with a cow – to get to India ( paradise for cows) , where the cow is a sacred animal. Because in other places it is just the food stocks to be used in an optimal way . And there is unlikely you will be able to alter the hell to heaven , so to hell better not to fall.

Here you will find a different perspective on reality and processes taking place in it.

To get the correct and the overall picture of what is happening, we must look at all the different angles of view and want to observe an overall picture.

Try to fill the gaps in knowledge and understanding and to consider the reality around the other – the metaphysical side.

I guarantee, that after consideration the most of the materials on this site you will gain clarity in understanding the many processes occurring in nature and society. Well, or at least look at it from another angle. If you do not like something or everything became even more baffling than before)), then please write to me about it in the comments to the topic or on forum.

Planned to build a theory as the most likely way karma works and the entire universe as a whole, to get the maximum amount of useful practical consequences for ordinary daily life.

There is an objective goal to build the model in the most general form, but at the same time is not an abstract. It should easily understandable and digestible by the majority, which gives many practical applications. Another important condition – the model should explain at least part of religious concepts and not to contradict common sense.

This task is implemented as I can, I realize that we can construct a set of concepts, but the true realization of the universe is one. Implications tried to smooth a little, because I understand that many “sort of truth” will be unpleasant, but it is ever still tough in some places. So for ladies with sensual easily vulnerable psyche and weak spirit acquainted with the metaphysical view of life do not recommend.

Part of the conclusions could not be mitigated, because truth in such writings is more expensive.

Want to hear a lot of criticism from understanding, contemplating and by the thinking audience.

It Is Important To:

For nervous people the reading is strongly discouraged, look at any movies of metaphysical topics – will be more benefit for you.

As Hollywood films on the subject of management body by its spirit are: “Surrogates”, “Dark skies”, “The Host” – here is just an idea, as a visual aid for the destructive actions of karmic machine – “Final Destination 5” (here only the entertainment and methods), for example. Perhaps there is a more movies, but I haven’t seen a more suitable.

Reasoned criticism and any thoughts on this are welcome.

You can comment articles or run their own blog – the main condition is the information should be of any practical value, change the world for the better, conform to the site theme and rules.