After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is karma and why it needed and why everyone must know about this?

    What are the most probable mechanisms of karma?

    What is the interrelation between the formation of thoughts and karma?

    Is there analogues of karmic machine?

    What inevitably happens with spiritless civilizations?

    What is the meaning of life with karma?

    How can look divine justice?

If the physics engine is based on the principle of similarity fractal or on something with similar properties, the causal system is based on the fact, that any reason generates a result and this is the reason, and so on. The relationship is formed. The questions are: how connected seemingly no related processes? Is there a control in processes, do the ultimate goal of all exists and where it?

It is hard to imagine, that everything is created to have the capability to hang out in the void, chaotic and disorderly. On the contrary, many processes of life are optimized and best suited to the environment. It is therefore natural to assume an implicit control to correct physical and life processes in General, at the level of global constants – change system options, impact on the public consciousness, and so on, down to the impact on each individual part of the whole.

The question is: if there is an implicit cause-effect management mechanism, how it is implemented and working? It is customary named the fate or karma. Going forward, we can say, that the spirit by karma select its parents and even combinations of genes available.

The most likely mechanism is the personal mind is dependent and relationship to mental peace – the “firstborn” Mind, which it indirectly controls in certain life situations. Based on the hypothesis, that all living things have the integrity of karma, or naming it more suitable phrase – karmic machine. All things are everything that exists, although it may not occur at all and we never have. Then the mechanism of birth and when a spirit choice genes becomes clear, though of course implementation is the incredibly complicated.

Because the threads of karma are embedded in a cells, in a genes and in other elements and the desired result must be able.

For thinking beings the main way to control their is a thought. Mentation is a complex and may be a part of thoughts that are the result of the mind and brain, and some are external to it. Implicit management is provided as follows: “dawned on me”, “I was struck by an interesting thought, what if ….” and the like. The apparent same management would be contrary to the basic principles, and there is absolutely no need for this. Because ther is level of integration of the karmic machinery in all things, when you can achieve the desired degree of precision implicitly.

I must say, that out of time it’s hard to imagine a causal relationship, or a chain of consequences, karma and generally processes as such, so the presence of time substances in the system required.

Where there are examples in life or karmic machines equivalents and what they are?

Well, we must assum, that there may be not one, but many, and all can be made in the image and likeness and contain one to another. The simplest example: Let’s take our observable three-dimensional space and time and karmic machine that directs the development of it somewhere out there, is running something unknown goals or objectives. For example, obtaining a final product, that match a variety of conflicting each other properties in an optimal way on the basis of a criterion.

And, for example, take the United Nations (UN), which is essentially too similar karmic machine: it has a goal (peace in the world, the protection of human rights and similar), rules, laws and measures and legal methods to bring deviations to the norm. Let’s consider there is another karmic machine inside it with its own laws and rules – is a state machine or the State laws, regulations, enforcement, and so on. Within the State there are groups, subgroups with their rules.

If a someone State became a State, where crimes against humanity threatens mankind and so on, has been living in totally unacceptable rules and has elevated it back to normal, it is logical, that the international community would take measures to restore order. The same situation is in relation between the State and the groups within it: If a group is beginning to threaten the foundations of the State, such as organized crime, corruption – goverment shall declare it a destructive fight.

What was happened with previous civilizations, where they disappeared, why little things, that remained and they are not exists?

In the context of the above, the answer is obvious: If you do not adhere to certain rules and regulations in the minimal variant for the karma of humanity, the karmic machine simply will erase all from the face of the Earth and can theoretically do it a million different ways, but will do only one possible way. Because it should pay for each man. In a situation of destruction karma must pay tribute to each man and if what will remain, finish it in the metaphysical space. And after that starts a new process design of covers for spirits, more resistant to “evil” and suitable for the purpose of karmic system.

In analyzing past data, it is clear, that many civilizations before us was not so lucky. Perhaps, this is because confrontation forces leaves no chance to survive the entire system and eventually survive the strongest, purest, brightest and so on for multiple properties and qualities – the end product of the kermic system. In view of the Atlantean race and previous biblical deluge (which is not necessarily taken verbatim, but rather metaphorical with the eligibility repeat at any time in allegorical form).

Karma began reasonable activity with a new clean slate, because it faced a choice: either to continue to endure all this an empty chaos and wasted time and resources in the system engine even though after a lifetime of living will have to torment here, torment there. Then again descending spirits into this nonsense, which, because of defects in solids or interfaces of mind, they will have almost no chance to survive and save their soul, or even qualities of a personality. Generally, life turned into a wanton and nasty. It is logical to assume, that the destruction of the system and the start of the new is the only correct way out.

But it’s usually extreme measures. The karma has many options to avoid such development of events: for example, it can run the stronger spirits into system and they pulled situation by their presence, change climatic parameters, eventually move somewhere physical “persistent” (that are constant throughout time and space is not yet proven). The only thing, that it has no right to touch is the “freedom” of the informed choice of the individual: well, in the banal language, I can always say yes or no, to do something or not to do, or at least thought that a “Yes” or “no”.

And it is always possible to make, there is no conditionality in the full sense, only partial: the weaker the spirit, the more it is predetermined, and the less it can influence events in the system. For every moment of choice, there is a struggle between the forces acting on the individual in favour of a decision, the power of its thought, the power of its fate, the third-party influence, its experience, its insights have emerged all of a sudden the memories (basis of the outside or inspired by or caused by karmic machine ….), physical and sensual experience and influence and many of the other factors.

The spirit here is the determining factor. Everything depends from the spirit’s power. In an atheistic philosophy, it can be assumed, that the decision will be entirely determined by the influence of the karmic machinery. Then it seems it can optionally hold the right solution. In most cases it is. You could say that it most likely will, if it is to be critical for the karmic machine. Just as important factor there is an interference of other powerful intelligences who among themselves in confrontation and are attempting to influence the decisions of the individual acting on its mind, trying to block the karmic machine. But a spirit could do all theoretically. At each level of existence it was created using the fundamentals at this level, which has a basis from the previous level, and so on. I.e. Theoretically, the spirit can withstand the karma at the current level with the possibility of the above levels, if they are available, for example on the basis of karma karmic machines at a higher level, which gives the opportunity to confront “our level karmic machine.”

Generally, the spirit is the cornerstone of all the “evolutionary” systems. It is the final product of the karmic system. It is eternal for karmic machine on its own level, as established from the same type of matter as the karma. From the point of view of deeper levels, its current shell mortal , i.e. This form is temporary. Everything in the world is done for the sake of spirit evolution. The spirit is neuter, as kind is an optional add in this space.

What is the meaning of life with karma?

The whole point of life is to develop (or acquire) skills and the power of the spirit. Everything is done for the sake of it. Living in the shells (bodies) allow to improve the structure of the spirit. There are different ways of improvement and knowledge of self. Obviously, atheism is not the best assistant in that. This is true death for about spiritual shells: the ethereal body, soul. In this variant, who was persuaded and believe in atheism, showed its weakness and, in atheistic terms as a failed random genes and shells will eventually destroy. But before that atheist, under the law of karmic justice will have a good torment and here’s why. If it were not fighting forces, i.e. there would be no forces, decomposing human creature, causing it to collapse. On the way to its slow degradation of he/she many times will break the karmic laws and Karma will be a negative effect. The longer he/she is lives wrong life, causing pain and suffering to other beings, the more this effect will increase his/her negative karmic account. The most likely way a person will suffer during the earthly life, because most diseases as the primary basis of infringement have the subconscious activities and sunconscious mind, which is still a “black box”, and karmic machine manage there just by definition.

Since on the basis of the principle: you cannot explicitly deny anything, but you can then punish using the mechanisms of karma. In the subconscious of people penetrate various negative essential elements, because there are the profit and advantage is obvious. Managing the individual’s subconscious mind, you can make it do what it does not want to, manage it in the heat of passion, directly affect to others adversely. By pushing on the wrong bad decisions, methodical loosening of protective forces of the individual able to penetrate and incorporate its structures in the human subconscious. It is a pathetic picture: own spirit is weak and depressed, bunch with a body no longer pulls spirit and gives it a little inertia time when processes will be clearly negative. Karma usually does not destroy immediately this wrapper. And others, as we know, according to the commandments is not advised do this anybody. Because there must be a chance, even formal, nominal escape and remedy the situation.

Usually such people under the influence of external entities-occupiers, depending on the goals, objectives and the level of development of “occupier” are beginning to be disadvantageous activity for humans in terms of karma. And it’s all for the human’s karmic account, i.e. the number of human’s suffering increase, which karmic machine would be forced to return to restore justice. Karma will not hurry: to stop the half-empty shell contaminated there are countless ways, but it will choose the correct depending on the status of the individual accounts of “sinful” and “occupier”. Because it is integrated into all living beings – it is so simple that you can’t even imagine.

In my opinion, the soul as a tool of the senses and was created for the fact, that not all earnings karma can pay here during Earth life. Information passes through the nerves and feels it the soul. Bundle soul with the body allows spirit to smooth the acuteness of the senses and gives the inertia and time to maneuver. Without a body there is no escape from the pain. In the Earth conditions guaranteed low pain threshold when consciousness is off beyond the level of pain. In hell this option depends on the depth of hell and the extent of your sinfulness. Generally, the karmic machine need not torment you personally. Just it throw out you in the right place, and because the world is very diverse, everyone has different abilities, different food and other needs… draw your own conclusions.

That’s a reasonable question: well, for example, karmic machine threw you in hell, there probably are devils: love to sinful human flesh and nourishing to eat, some prefer to eat without cooking, because some fresh useful and contains more vitamins, other prefer pairing sinful cattle and eat its litter or any form of bestiality. Some devils prefer to feed and cut the juicy pieces of meat, and then feeding again. And it’s only just my humble estimation based on the analysis of human behavior. And one must assume, that the devils are more developed and technologically advanced civilization. They had many ways to amuse yourself, nor to cook a tasty barbecue. And this is all just my weak fantasy, how can they give to every sinner on his karmic account. You can take, that fantasy from the Karma just unlimited, since it is one of the species of primary mind and it invented much of this incredibly complex world. They have such rules: here are accustomed to eat sinners, and this habit will never want to give up and spit them on the inhumane treatment of animals and other such nonsense. As the scientific experiments they can even grow on you own larvae, using as a nutritious substrate. The most important question then is, how much karma torture you as much as expected? Well, you have the answer: because it is integrated in every living beings, so it still is achievable with reasonable accuracy, right down to the “penny” torment even when at first glance completely chaotic and uncontrollable process.

Such horrors are possible, because there are levity and naivete of most atheists. An atheist is not one to which all do not care. So it would be like if he/she had lived in the abstract world. But look around you – in nature who relaxed or was inattentive in the wrong place at the wrong time and was eaten. Because the fighting forces exists. Because you want to make your own considerable effort to resist the forces of “evil” and decomposition. If simply rolls down, that’s where you get it is obviously. If there is no conscious awareness and resistance? then no chance to good finish the journey.

It follows a different definition of atheists: those who is not important to their suffer: how much to suffer and how to suffer. And the other words: an atheist says -I will do everything that I want (and I do not know whether I would like it – or if it is an “occupying power”, which filth at my expense, climbed in my feelings, and I have to pay for it. .. ), even if there is a chance of 50% to 50% (although the likelihood that God exists much more than a half, since everything in nature is arranged harmoniously, not chaotic in the microcosm of a harmonious; harmony in the cosmos, and templates and design principles in all living creatures are similar)-that I would have be in pain for it forever. Because God is fair, and certainly not to deal with small claims court between humans and other beings, created an absolutely fair and working tool: karmic machine. It has all the necessary qualities and leverage management in order to achieve this goal. And, in addition, that would be absolutely fair, it is ruthless and incredibly smart, smarter smart anything that you can imagine.

I add all of this: the best way to see and feel, and feel that it is not written here and mentioned – is to participate in the “the redistribution of spheres of influence” between fact believers and atheists. If you carefully observe and know what analyze and where to look, the evidence for the existence of God is enough till for the rest of your life. But for most people it is not acceptable – their spirit is too weak for this, or, quite simply, they have no forces.

How deep the karmic machine monitors and replenishes both positive and negative balance of your account?

For example, threw a package or bag plastic, a beetle crawled and confused and died in it. Question: is it due to your karma and does track this case karmic machine or not?

Definitely Yes, but how much will charge – it is very difficult to say. Certain it tracks a longer sequence of the chain of events and it are awarded the karmic bonus to you. The complexity of physical engine: this is when the macro and micro universes nested in each other on the basis of the principle of the fractal or even another similarity (certainly to reduce the already just fantastic complexity of calculations at the computing of all components of the physics engine). This means that the atoms is also microuniverses, and our universe is part of the other, or the solar system as Atom with electrons in the context of an organism of the universe). So, here’s the elementary kind of consequences of your actions, can compute with any given beforehand accurately, what there is in the settings.

It is necessary to look at the system from a developer’s point of view: for example, it is perfectly understandable, that dispense justice in the system, just instantly destroying shame-bad items on their component atoms would be redundant. What is the rush? There must be give and plenty of chances to correct itself and use many more factors. In the overall behavior of the system in such cases is determined by the goals and objectives of the Founders, at the top level. In absolute space Creator of course one, but when you try to get up to the next level, found another level and so on.

So talk about the one God – of course correct and true, but it is so fantastically far from us, that in everyday life we have to deal with the multiplicity of Divine origin from a single source. The Creators have their own policies and rules of interaction with Their life, some codex. And if the Creators or others will violate this codex, from our point of view they can be called evil, but without quotation marks, in fact, in the biblical sense. And when someone says that God does not exist, because there are so much suffering and “evil”. It is weak argument, if you don’t know the codex. A codex learning not recommended for people, because once having learned way back is not, and the happiness of knowing the codex is doubtful.  Divine justice do not refer to evil deeds. So, if instead of will issue the life do the chaos and disturb the harmony of the universe, contrary to the purposes and objectives of all, to endanger the global projects. Than here on Earth, for all human come the global fair destruction and divine justice for the sinners is obviously unpleasant to say the least. Just cause flood is a incredibly humane progress and likely Karma it had at the beginning of the creation, toward the end of the development of humanity has accumulated so much negativity, that Karma induce wars, with enviable speed, to the level of injustice is not greater than the critical norms. When exceeding the norms the likelihood of irreversible changes with the subsequent almost complete destruction becomes very large. Because, if the Creators put a facing a choice, either to the injustice continued to increase and was pointless, because the chances to get out of this “hole” is only zeroing negative karmic “debts” and just write off the karmic debt is injustice, violation of obligations and other bad things. And, in addition, in this situation it will not output – it was delayed payments. Generally, such action deprives life of its meaning, put Creators in an uncomfortable position and have no special meaning – in this situation the fair destruction is guaranteed 100%.