After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What can you eat without harm to the soul, and what food is better not to eat ?

    Where to place the humans in a generalized food chain?

    What is the use of predators?

    What punishment can be expected from Karma?

The question, what good to eat for the soul and for the body, is a very interesting and important. Modern science approaches consider this from the perspective of calories and vitamins. Eating have a lot more aspects. We aside from the usual conventions and put the assertion, that eating someone or something alive, or kill, and then eating – it is not good or simply bad. For this should be a karmic punishment. This statement is obvious, and the chain of karmic consequence of something that is actionable and can be seen in practice.

Let’s start with plants. They could not run away, but their body is grown by “honest work”, consuming water and minerals from the soil with the light. To say that they are non-living or are completely unresponsive, won’t – rather they have other sensations, but they just don’t like eating them. It is logical to that God must be fair and punish those who do wrong. In fact, carnivores eat herbivores, but carnivores have to partially do poorly, eating the herbivores, whose karma is not yet fully allow such a scenario. So, they should be eaten by other predators and, in the end, the food chain is built and is closed on the main predator in its environment. In a materialistic world view then everything comes to end and the main predator gets away with it. But living in a world where there is a soul and spirit, all we can say is just all beginning. The karma have of a lot of ways and naturally the dominant predator in its environment when it moved to another world – in the place, where it is no longer at the top of the food chain, and somewhere at the bottom.

Where is man’s place in the food chain? From the point of view of karma, the answer is simple: you have to eat something, that is designed specifically for this. Fruits, cereals are good suitable for this – their goal is to make them eaten and spread the plant. Root vegetables and nuts a few doubtful, but also quite favourable in the absence of fruit. The others of the food are not intended in many ways, and eaten them karmically punished. And the more it is inspired by, the more karma will be torment for this. For example, you can have eat a lot of grass without particularly strong implications for your karma. But have such a focus will not pass with the animals. Animals must eaten, who created to this – who have fangs, claws, and other adaptations of mouthparts and for murder. In humans, this is no all of this. There is easy conclusion – human’s not a predators and predation would be punishable.

These inferences indirectly confirmed by the Bible, where says what God prepared to man for food. But fans of verbatim interpretations and understanding of biblical texts rather frivolously treat this paragraph and eat whatever they want. Though, if not to provide semi-finished products for purchase in stores, and to offer to get the meat yourself, the question of what eat and what is not eat will disappear by itself – most humans will be vegetarian. Well, if those deep integration into the food chain is not particularly confusing, you can look, for example, on the life of the insects as they each other guzzle. There are many another examples and have things more convincing than pictures of devil’s meat-packing plant, where the tortured souls of sinners. Now it’s considered as the fruits of imagination and not exciting special feelings in ordinary sinners. Just a modest nutrition of monks, yogis and other wonderful people from the point of view of the “enlightened” modern man is very like to a proper nutrition.

The basic principle as everywhere: you can not explicitly deny physically do anything. But you can inevitably punished bad affairs – this prociple fair for karmic “judicial system” too. Therefore, you need to seriously think about the issue of eating. Extreme level of karmic punishment as a consequence of this principle we see in the apocalyptic descriptions of religious texts. The meaning of them is simple: someone using this principle do so many bad cases, that have to be tormented forever. Well, of course, ways to eternal torment are different too. An analogue of this solution is very similar to life imprisonment in human judicial system. But since we know, that the spirit is eternal, and finally, his karma in hell may be almost eternal too, in theory it is clear.

What will happen if you remove predators? These experiments were conducted – the absence of predators and the rapid increase in uncompensated excess negative karma causes the karmic machine rebuild inequality by using micro-organisms, parasites and other ills. Because of this it can die out almost all the population of herbivores. When an animal gets sick. In fact it is Karma begins it to torment and karma points to predators and they can complete karmic work.

From this you can make one important conclusion – if by own life “earn” large amounts of negative karma and there are no predators in the system, a variety of diseases will be appearing with alarming rapidity, and medicines will be not effective (in the sense of – you will suffer a lot and the result of particular medicines will not).

Well, if you consider man as a composite object = body + soul + spirit, then for the body it is not hunting many predators, at least for the time being, the soul – just hordes of hungry entities, and who eat the spirit – this is a separate issue and it transcends the boundaries of understanding, the spirit is eternal for us within the realm of all things, and this area is fantastically big.

Almost Karma begins to torment the usual ordinary sinners closer to old age by many diseases, preparing them to hell, where everything is much painfully. Who have allowed various vermin to soul and it’s deeply rooted into soul, that separate the sinner’s soul from it nearly impossible (typically, the demons or other similar entity). This humans expects from the point of view of atheism is very “attractive” moment – they have sort of thought, that will die and it will free them from suffering, and as a result end up with a “dying” they “hit” that would be to dream of another death, because death, in the sense of complete absolute annihilation, there is no. It is moving part of the bodies in a different state. They must suffer completely, otherwise they can’t getting into the next cycle of the wheel of reincarnations. But one hope it is – depending on the degree of sinfulness once their torment will end and the nervous system is partially adapted, so to say “evolves”, to adapt to the new conditions of existence. The main thing is, that evolution has not lasted as long as it is considered in modern science theory on the origin of species from inanimate matter and a man from monkeys.