After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Why “forgiveness” is foremost commandment for the people and does not mean that God will forgive all sins?

    What is the effects of breaking commandments?

    Are there any inconsistencies in interpretations of the Christian religion?

    What follows from the bad karma? (learn more about karmic justice)

The original Bible written in another language and were built parts. Some parts was removed from the Bible, because of its non convenience they did not fit in the big picture or have discovered the facts, that at the time preferred to gloss over.

Now It is very literal interpretation of translated texts, but the translation do on the meaning of content, rather than simply mechanistically. In addition, it should be assumed, that those who wrote its primary texts, were ordinary people who could not invest in text a different meaning. Moreover, it is argued, that they had no such intention, “it is one dimensional in essence and content”. I.e. the Divine, which has participated in the creation of these works, directed human’s minds and hands, was primitive and wretched.

In addition, to the thinking man spotted the obvious contradictions between the parts of the Bible, and most of all between the Old and the New Testaments and between their interpretations. Here there is a desire to beautify Church events, hide their apparent bad content and make it sort of wrapper, make learning suitable for States of that time. The result is a very interesting interpretation of events. To understand the meaning of all these tweaks you can paraphrase the well-known expression and interpretation of them in intelligible manner: “and so God loved the world, that He gave all the clergy, priests and other church officials to outrage, anguish and torment by bad atheists and other bad, so these bad only had the opportunity to escape and live forever…and then the church of the poor devils fried and were fed up with their flesh and blood, but the rest of the sinners would be saved from the well-fed and tired devils, which was their reluctance to chase after a hearty meal by clergy, priests and other church. “.  Of course it looks illogical, it is clear, that for the bad deeds must be punished and quite brutally. Judging by the Old Testament is simply awful and this applied to their descendants up the tenth generation. And should not be confused, it is forgiving of enemies – this commandment is for the people, and invented the commandments in their prayers people dream to forgive them for their sins as they other forgiven, but is it really? It is clear, that if God is all-forgiving, then “there is no God” is the same statement, once God forgives all. It was an invention of those churchmen-atheists, who collected indulgences as forgiveness for sins. For example, the known events of World War II genocide of Jews could be interpreted as punishment for the sins of their ancestors. Expresses the modern language, they created a bad karma.

From the point of view of karma it is easy to understand the probable mechanism: at one point to Hitler and to his entourage appears an idea: why not enslave and exterminate all the Jews? And then:  the benefits are many, rob them, they have a lot of money, make scapegoats, on construction need a lot of slaves, medical experiments require material, and similar arguments, type, and even if God is, that’s sinful people, money is at the heart of the set and etc. And after what they had done in history in the past no support for them now. There is also another option: these thoughts was induced by dark forces, and karmic machine did not confront them, because on karmic balance for this people such action is permitted at that time. Otherwise, someone would come to the idea, that this is horribly karmically inefficient or amoral and does not meet the moral image of the Third Reich. Or something else has happened to block the initiative, for example, Hitler and his entourage unexpectedly died. But that did not happen. Because the karmic machine gave a passive approval. So Hitler went to the Soviet Union, but it could well limit itself to Europe. It pushed by the negative Soviet karma, their karma “called” pain and suffering. Even Stalin in fact does not prevent the German invasion, giving the entire European part of the Soviet Union on destruction and atrocities of fascists. All this can be called a defensive strategy, but actually causes much deeper and are in the karma. Karma can be thought of as the cause of the suffering of the Jewish and Soviet people during World War II.

Conclusion: with the karmic machine and with its Creators want to make friends and fight with them silly and painfully. Quite logically, the descendants of those who themselves desecration of churches in Soviet times, have to go through something like this after changing the mode of existence. Because, even if we assume that the Orthodox and the others to God are irrelevant, that God is quite different, and have similar arguments – it was representative things. So, it is a precedent, because on it God saw what is relationship with Him there are. See such things is unpleasant at least. Another interesting point of view, that they say people freed from Imperial Authority and from those, who were associated with it. Well, just at the same time and all the Divine also decided to ruin, they say it won’t protect us from the oppression of the exploiters and from our dullness and stupidity. You can invent many interpretations of those acts, but the facts in those years were truly awful.