After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How to correctly deal with “evil”, “darkness” and just unbredly people?

    How not to get hit by a karmic machine?

    Why if the karmic machine will bring up you, then it will be the worst of times in your life?

    What is an area of interest to dark forces except your soul?

    Is it right in the course of the war to desecrate the temples?

    Why eating meat is harm for body and soul and a ticket to devil’s meat processing plant?

You can only fight the dark forces. With the evil in the biblical understanding the fight is impossible – because simply it is nothing to oppose. Struggle must take into account the karmic rules, otherwise you will have to be not a fighter. Just is a martyr of karmic machine. Its main precept, relevant for today’s time – do not kill. And treat your neighbor as oneself. This is a contribution of religions: karmic machine punishes anyone who does bad regardless of the objectives and intentions, motives and so on. Just it torments you and your enemies, because to it you and they are all equal and all criminals, outlaws.

So, there is spoking of forgiveness. It is the means, do not response in such manner, that will only harm and do the future problems to yourself. That’s the whole point of “forgiveness”. At the domestic level, negative emotions also too bad: some entities only doing such things – their goal is production of psychic energy. Everything else in our physical world, virtually against them and has no value for them. And for the sake of pumping of negativity from their victims, they go to all sorts of tricks. It’s for them like oil, so we need to forgive and internally, in the sense of not experiencing negative emotions or control over them.

So, the main thing: most of the commandments and teachings have the following objectives:

    don’t get hit by karmic machine – otherwise you are the same as your enemy (the same blunt). And it teaches your brains too by its methods

    do not give the your internal structures of the psyche to losing much energy. Otherwise, it will be vulnerable and over you will having an implicit control, and further along the chain you collect negative consequence. They can take complete implicit control of you or mindless state and you will be in the state of temporary insanity (state of affect) and get not competitive action for yourself.

Fight the dark forces of their methods is inefficient: they hope to avoid the retribution of karmic machine quite complex ways and above them support evil. Nothing will save you from the karma. The same way dark forces have seized half-empty people – mostly of course atheists-people with damaged nervous system, where they are embedded in the subconscious mind to sacrifice and do mean things and using them and use their karmic account. You are not turn such focus. And you will have to pay your own skin. So, if you do the same actions it is no longer profitable. And the the same methods to you are not available.

You cannot fight with the evil: this is from the case “who arms come to him, will die of their own weapons”. And without weapon you can be destroy by any ways too. This is the only thing where you can pray. All other prayers are not so important. All sorts of entities such as demons, devils, and other “evil” are simply the dark forces, that you can fight with they. If you not win, then at least to minimize the damage. They are all very clever, even the devil do not kill anybody himself with his own hands – devils using for this human’s hands and humans karmic account. They are all afraid of karmic machine – for them karma is an objective reality, that should be considered and taken into account.

The dark forces have long experience, they have invested in the development and the power of their spirit. That allows them to capture more body and throw away temporarily more faint body owners. And they can to do so without any tweaks. First is to give to drink alcohol to subject: this is typically done by demons, they are too weak to control just over. The devil can do it simply and with many people at once. These are natural features of the spirit, but they have dirty using.

 Evil is not afraid the karmic machine of this world. It creates an convenience conditions for the dark forces. For example, you want to take and under any pretext, to destroy the whole population, that is able to resist evil and evil spirits and leaving only with interfaces and features with shells, that dark can easily control. Then will they swing from they negative energy, accustom to drinking alcohol and catch management. Go into drunken captured the subject’s home and have fun with his wife. Swing negative energy from close people. From the damaged people at the gene and mental levels shells bodies can only appear the same painful children and spirit in them addictive from the lower strata of the same. Already at an early age this children’s subconscious penetrate evil spirits, kids go to kindergarten and speak dirtily as adults. It’s clearly not of divine origin. To these bodies are not going strong spirits. And if they don’t go, then it is a vicious circle.

In the end, when the percentage of normal population is less than 1 per 1000 or 10000 people with broken and consciously degenerate body-shells, to which come only lesser spirits or anything, the population of this country have just destruction. And it’s clear why: imagine, in a provincial city instead of the kids in the kindergarten are suddenly appearing different ghouls and scums. In a sense they are still small, but disgustingly dark. It is clear, that all of them will be cleaned up. Nothing major to start here, no hollywood “end of the world” would be required.

The only way to fight evil is to educate the uneducated people brains of varied teachings. This is the only way to win the level of reasons. You can’t fight with evil, the only version of the fight – just don’t do the cause. If there is no reason – then there are no consequences. The evil can’t do something about it. But if we deal with the people, which brains degenerate consciously and clouded by cult of money and other unimportant things, then morals and truth there will not fit in their mind. Turns out, the only way to fight, and it is virtually ineffective.

On the numerous wars and in Stalin’s times had a “good” “cleanings”. There are few people left, who can resist the dark forces effectively. The brains of people clouded by atheistic propaganda. After the desecration of the temples the Divine became bad to refer to the pleas from this area. It is established practice to punish children for the sins of their fathers, it is just a causal chain of karmic mechanism.

All the power structures in the data point are just in fantastically unbelievable karmic situation. Because the majority of the population, which directly or indirectly involved in the desecration of the temples and the abuse has become an alcoholic, start smoking and degenerate and nothing can stop this process. They just dropped out of these sins to be torn apart by the forces of darkness. Naturally, this process of degeneration would make less painful by slowly occurring. And you have to wean all these crowds from the consumption of meat, if you do not want to hang out in hell mega horror. Because, it is the root cause of all evils, it is vain by atheism, that when people began to hunt and cook meat on the fire, they made a major step forward. But the move has been in the direction of hell in a devils stomach.

The consumption of meat has a lot of negative factors, but one positive – it can be eaten, if there is no other food there. But even then it’s karmically unprofitable. It causes the accelerated development and hence, early aging, declining life expectancy. It violates all the metabolic processes of the body and leads to numerous sores and diseases. It dirty the soul so much, that it is not going to heaven. “Glad to be in heaven, but the sins not allowed”. Rather, it will place on the devil’s meatpacking plant. These are the realities of life in my opinion and not only on my.

This is all the lessons of history. History shows, that it is not advisable do something disrespectfully to spirit power. Because, it still wash itself from dirt by washing your’s pains and anguish. In theory, this would be something like “Auschwitz” – where will hang a sign, like “everyone-its” and then or, on the contrary, were the real stay in hell, compared to which any Auschwitz seems as naive childhood fantasies. All the dirty work in the divine justice doing the karmic machine.

It must be said, that many of the spiritual teachings pander sinners – were allowed to eat meat and other products, although it somewhat restricting their types and time consuming.

This was required at the stage of popularization of the teachings, but then should be to move to a healthier lifestyle. Earlier church deal with different stories about indulgences, forgiveness. Books were rewritten for the sake of the State and perverse social system. As a result, normal person is difficult to separate the grain from the chaff.

Tell by the way it seems to me, that the Russian reality is in such a state, that report diagnosis to it is not humanely, as is common in medical practice. But recently something changed, can be seen just from the fact that a new era coming, not the fact that here the mind come from.