After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Is there a connection between the bad habits and the health of the soul?

    What is the hidden meaning of harmful health practices?

    Why do I need to know the causes of these phenomena?

    How fight with bad habits and others harmful health practices?

Harmful habits are implanted purposefully, often against to the will of the human entity, with a common goal to increasing negative karma of a human.

So, there are obvious signs how to detecting damage on a subconscious level by a features of behavior of an object:

1) a subject uses obscene expressions is a sign of at least an implicit obsession by dark entities. The subject can justify this anything as intemperance, habit, rules of communication in these circles. The meaning is one – on a subconscious level, there is a the need to spew uncleanness, filth. Because that defiles a man is basically what it does, not the info that comes to him. Also this is a measure to distinguish friend from foe. It was promoted as a measure of coolness, cool man communication, but in fact just a result of the destruction subject’s soul.

2) Smoking is a sure sign that the in the soul is something wrong. On indirect evidence it is clear, that this is a destructive process: all smoking accompanied spitting, throwing cigarette butts. All of this is an inevitable consequence of the general principle of taint – their should be enforced voluntarily to doing taint. There is a system: their people and a strangers. Being that it’s cool, although from the perspective of those who obsess the human – this is desecrating adds negative karma, and smoking of the soul gives it a pleasant taste and aroma.

3) addicted to alcohol – there are many aspects of the permanent control of the subject and intercepting subtle (depending on the measure of drinking) to deterioration in the psychological atmosphere. For simplicity, you can think, that communicating with a drunk man is the direct link to the hell. They just keep hitting the bottles, doing mean things – the rule to production a filth remains unchanged. Alcoholization-pickling of alcohol also makes the souls of the dead drunks special delicacy – you can take it that it is the future barbeque.

4) It is less obvious, but too good hooks – for some reason, when the dark forced are embedded in the subconscious mind and the nervous system, they often have problems with the nerve centres of the legs. So, the object can twitch legs, sometimes with some frequency. Unnatural motion in a in a quiet position can talk about the damage in the subconscious, but this criterion are not.

5) do you realize, that the general principle is anyone spewing out a stain, is the source of the filth, hassles, etc. This object hellish works hard on dark entities, as in hell people tend to no one, just food, unfortunately, a paradise for most of them was only in earthly life.

But should in no way be treated badly or feeling sorry for these people.  Through pity dark forces attacking your nervous system, take mental energy. The correct approach is compassionate, i.e. No useless feelings, and more reasonable action. Hell is so horrible, that this general principle is to allow the subject to find the will and the power to defeat the dark forces and emerge and for this reserved a life term.

Life in terms of a higher power is regarded as the spiritual qualities of the core and of spirit beings placed in a virtual towards spirit conditions. But don’t be fooled – that virtually for the spirit, for other shells it is objective reality. Hell in case of failure of vital test will be true for your soul and such, that is entirely possible. Will you be there to dream of death in the hell, which is not in the same sense as it is widely understood – in the form of complete annihilation.

Dark forces use every way possible to filch to hell, without any rules, by herding instincts, propaganda and other techniques. Who believed, that there is no God is their prey. Who believed that God exists, but in fact do nothing – is go there too, because the vector force pulls down and it has a great value and up should be a powerful aspiration. The first step is to try to separate the person from devil or other dark entities, that affect it through damaged subconscious mind and soul. They are kept very tight. Unfortunately, not all can be corrected – the dark forces get their food, and are not going to starve. And they also hunt in packs. The only difference is that the hunting object is the soul, other methods of hunting. By analogy with animals, you need to be able to, for example, run fast or good camouflage, or to organize and defend the herd, or grow a needle, or become poisonous or simply be healthy thick skin as an elephant.