After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:  

  • What is the spirit?
  • How look the conceptual model of the universe?
  • What are the purposes of the life processes?
  • What does the “emptiness”?
  • What features should have the “engine” of the universe on the basis of observed phenomena?
  • Who created world and how?
  • Is there a bit of time and what it is?
  • What means one of the meanings of the phrase “in the image and likeness”?

Importantly, it is needs to provide a conceptual model of the system in the most general terms, but at the same time not at all abstract level. The practical value of the theory should be obvious.

For this purpose we will use the concept of nesting or parts.  Just we use the concept of nested levels. And we use macro-micro-worlds concept.

In the base of reasoning put, that if the system is designed and created, than it use the resources in an optimal way in achieving its objectives.

One of the goals is obvious – this is life in all kinds of ways. For example, there is a life cycle in something what we do not understand. This does not mean, that it is inanimate. Just as long as it is not available to understand. It is logical to assume, that is the life of the individual and of society as a whole, where consciousness is combined and creates new levels of consciousness. And this group consciousness in fact also lives his life.

The root cause for the formation of consciousness we call spirit. Then, theoretically, all visible phenomena have their lives and their spirit.

From the point of view of the development of life and the ascending cycle it is logical to do so, that the perceived length of life in microcosm, which is part of the macrocosm was sufficient for there lives and most processes into the microcosm do not suffer from of global cataclysms, or just the normal life of the macrocosm.

This isolation is solved with a “void” – space with almost no matter, but this space however continuously in terms of “substance interactions of matter” or in other words – force fields. It is logical to assume, that it eventually splits “emptiness” from other areas with different parameters and so on.

 Of natural history knows, that space is primarily composed of emptiness: the distance between the atoms is huge in comparison to their size, the distance between planets too huge. Galaxies are far enough from each other. A few places where a lot of matter are a super dense formations (“black holes” or other high density), and in general all objects consist of empty rather than of material particles.

Because there is a similarity in macro and micro worlds – a star and planets revolving around it and similar a atom and electrons in different orbits. It is logical to assume – the existence of a microcosm at these electrons.

In addition these objects – planets alive in the sense that they have a life cycle of geological activity and decline, their movement on orbit. The inner life of these objects throws onto the surface lava, which is collapsed and freezes (i.e. the equivalent of body fluids in the body), gives off gases as waste products, etc. In addition, there is an analogy – is the living diversity on the surface of the planet are as microorganisms in macro scale.

So, most likely the real complexity of the world is: the microcosms are components of macro in each particle. And the same is true for the macroscopic world in turn in the space where it is already a microcosm. And the nesting of it is theoretically no end. I.e. you can burrow more deeply, no matter how deeply now in the micro or macro.

There is a reasonable question about the complexity of the engine, that implements the physical laws for the micro and macro worlds and quantization of time at each level. Just consider the multidimensionality and the states of matter (this is where the properties of matter and the laws vary depending on the level of its physical indicator – for example, depending on the energy level, electron orbital altitude from its constituent particles atoms or something similar).

Apparently uses the concept of similarity or fractal or something, or similar, to avoid excessive complexity, but at the same time, do not create a primitive. This requires that the most intelligent beings in the living system not was all bored and is deterministic. Our civilization is clear very far to a reach such level .

 The concept depends on the goals and objectives of the system in General and the relevance of life processes in General. Perhaps the purpose is not one, but several of them in a particular priority.

For example, the concept of the final product, meets the multiple and possibly changing requirements. Something in the system, that has real value must “evolve”. That something is usually called the spirit. It creates a virtual system, all laws and matter, which in relation to the spirit is the virtual environment and thanks to the cohesion spirit evolves. Again, all this is true of a system where the spirit is virtual, but it still relates to the actual spirit at the next level. In the end, each level has a connection with the spirit of previous level, i.e. there is no pure nonsense fully virtual branches. We have a system in the system.

For example, at one level were added a gender to the spirit : male and female, the sensations and perceptions of senses and received a new virtual structure – soul. At previous levels that was not or was in a different form. This concept allows you to get other system settings for evolution to obtain desired products at the required level, which best meet the needs of the desired level.

Accordingly, there are at least two engines: physical and causal chain, and they are related. Physics aims the best correlations and interactions of micro and macro perspective of life processes on these levels. The causal chain engine will consider separately and call it the “karmic machine”. It is logical, that everything should work towards a desired outcome – to ideal. Karmic machine must move the system to the desired result, or at least maintain the parameters of life processes in an optimal way. In addition, it must establish “rules of the game”, in which one receives an implicit endorsement, and the other shall be a bad result as a consequence.

Let’s analyze the concept with concrete examples. Consider a atom and a particles revolving around it – for us the microcosm and the Sun (Star) and the world around it – is the macro for us. See that in the our macro world forces of gravity are important, for they can be neglected in the microcosm compared to other actors. And now let us disengage from the nesting of macro and micro and look at the architecture of the system in world absolute space: make a complete list of all physical laws, by their settings to receive different worlds depending on the scale. If the distance is included in mathematical relations, you can pick up everything so, that at each level of the “fractal” nesting and acted its code of laws, and other laws of physics give small almost imperceptible effect. At the same time achieved several goals: micro and macro worlds are different, each has a set of basic laws, while at the same time as all the powers of an absolute space act on them too, the laws are not so simple deterministic and would not describe the primitive equation – it will always be difficult to clear the small margin of error due to the global forces, whose contribution is not great due to the local scale.

The question of the quantum of time, and the creators of the creators

Consider the physics engine at our level. Most likely time slice is not arbitrarily small number, and it is a specific value. Quantum of time formed by the universe engine turns out to be a multiple of that base. Now consider a virtual structure: the creators have created in their world the Virtual Universe, which allows them to get new quality and self-improvement, immersing their Spirit or Consciousness in virtual structure and obtaining new quality. This process could be submit for ease of understanding: Spirit is divided into shared components, shooing them through virtual environments, gathers in the whole and receives new quality.

For example, people can do like that: it can take place when training for a short period of time in a virtual environment – need only to learning processes were going faster than in real space. In a virtual environment time to consciousness to flow much faster on a perceived level and speed of virtual processes must be great to have a long course of study in a short period of time. Looking at our lives through this Prism, you can think of processes: the spirits of the real world in order to achieve their goals can share (or entirely) and run their parts in a virtual environment (getting the body to be born and the like).

Naturally, at the exit after training to be a quality product and in the case of low-quality final product cycle should be repeated again – we have the so called “wheel of reincarnations.” The same should be the criterion of quality, and of opposing forces, which implement selection. In our case it is a so-called “darkness”, “dark forces”. They are formed naturally, by making choices and follow certain ideals and values. Fighting forces and the degree of tension “battle” is a quality filter – on the output system are only high quality products. After improving its parts the spirit again collected and produced something new and better than before.

I must say that if there is no incentive in the form of a “carrot”,than the system will not get needed product or will do it very slowly. In addition, for higher quality filter, you must encourage the creation of better conditions for better quality. And decide how to process the resulting low-quality intermediate virtual structures (etheric body, the soul and the similar shells). It is obvious, that the punishment for “sin” and that “good” is not being wasted – dark forces implement a filter as follows: who did not meet the set of qualities and properties – is being “dismantled”, “melting” – simply go to hell and used as food and for other purposes. Dark forces implement a filter and whom they were able to obtain, that their legitimate prey – filter works properly, the system produces high-quality products: everyone is happy, except, of course, the sinners. I must say, that’s simply good people, or who themselves believe – the Creators owe nothing to them. According to the logic of the system, They have only good only for people with a combination of qualities. Just be nice and kind not enough. To not enough good They should do not good. To say it another way, not completely bad. For bad people They just ought only bad. All of those engaged in karma. In the end the spirit in the virtual system is building up strength of mind and real quality. This is a great competitive advantage of Creators.

Well, when one engine is into another, the actual quantum of time becomes less. And because there were the creators of the creators, can be considered a time slice in global absolute physical space an arbitrarily small. And on each physical level, there are virtual learning structure. Because the spirit on each level are in virtual and real environments – that have a total inspiration, there is no completely virtual structures. In each beings live particle of the Spirit lives from a higher(deeper) level of being. And the Spirit is able to affect on the real physics and of course on the virtual physics.

Let’s deal with the question of who in the our world creates as “in the image and likeness.” The answer is obvious – whom achieved high-speed of development. There are UFO underground bases (both on the Moon and on Earth). Question is what they are doing there, because amazingly boring to sit in rooms with no windows and the surrounding nature. Technological advances should allow them to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, where structure can be qualitatively improved themselves and achieve competitive advantage. And if the most intelligent of them will gather serious engine – will new nested type of our world with its own rules, its final product. And of course, if in this world they choose to make certain other creatures ate as food, it is very logical and fair to do so, when eating it they don’t suffered and vice versa, having enjoy within this process. Because the design and found injustice explicitly – it’s hard to imagine. Oh and look at the many vital processes acquires a completely different meaning. And if there is no predators – there will be no confrontation and many other important factors – what a product will be at the outlet? Studying in a virtual structure would lose a competitive edge in the real world, all such entities “become extinct” as a result of evolution.