After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Does karma of money exists?

    Does money have related karma?

    What is the meaning and the essence of charity?

    Does karma is inherited together with the inheritance?

    How the money is cleared from negative karma?

Let us reflect, have money karma or not. Usually say, that “money does not smell”. I.e. their origin is irrelevant. And even though it’s blatantly criminal and dirty, you can spruce up it for a certain percentage and everything seems fine. But let us keep in mind, that this is the point of view of atheists. But even in an atheistic world, you can track the origin of the money and impose sanctions.

What then to say, that if the world was created and certain actions are karmically punished. For ease to understand, it means, that there are inevitable bad consequences for the beneficiary in the causal chain of interrelated events.

For example, you earned a bunch of dirty money, drove to a rest and the plane crashed – and you will be in hell, because you have big value of negative karma from this money. Or if the plane has not crashed, then caught a virus on rest or even some sort of disease, pain treatments and again you will be in hell. And there are many things like that – because, your life changes, and the negative karma responsibility is to will be you at the wrong time in the wrong place – such incidents will draw you like a magnet. Because negative karma is hard and its ultimate goal is to send you to hell, where it rework your anguish to master a negative balance and bring everything in balance, to implement fairness in life.

Inheritance of karma.

The most interesting moment about money karma – Does karma associated with money is inherited together with inheritance? If you remember the Bible (the Old Testament, where was something like this, but not modernized interpretation about forgiveness, which invented for indulgences and amounted to the fact, that there is no God or God exists. Because it is all the same and basically turns religion into permissive atheism), where is written, that punished children for the sins of their parents. Then, obviously, the inheritance of karma should be exists. So, how do you fairly distribute the overall burden of negative or positive karma? Most likely, the answer is obvious – who how much inheritance used, such that the same percentage of karma received. So if someone got an inheritance, and to you, for example, got nothing – do not despair and worry about this. Perhaps you are lucky, that it went and has not got to you. And you do not have to participate in the hellish entertainment and horrors of the long time and painful. Divine justice is ruthless, otherwise it will be injustice.

Obviously, someone is trying to coax karmic system by a charity. But you must know, it’s how to make a bad for one and good to the other. Bad karma does not decrease, because it is coming to different accounts and even human far from the accounting department will realize, that debts do not close for the old deals by the new arrival. But there are some pluses: good karma will let prevent bad karma, that arrive you at the wrong time at the wrong place. I.e. put it in everyday language – you will get into trouble, but you will be lucky, i.e. everything is not as bad as it could be – that is good. This is similar to how the left hand of karma drags you to hell, and the right hand of karma gives more time here “in Paradise” live. In this way karma can “tear” you and “break”. Therefore easier to not have negative karma. And so be lucky-lucky.

About inheritance.

If you got the dubious inheritance – there is reason to think, that may be give it to an orphanage. Perhaps, when the negative karma get into all of them, then it won’t be so terribly for each one. And, furthermore, you will benefit positive karma from good deeds. If the money is the important thing in life for you, then you know, that it will be nothing to expect help from money in hell, but positive karma helps anywhere. Because the “karmic machine” has an impact on all sentient beings. And so, even the last hell devil suddenly decides not to smoke-dry you 100 years. But it cook your quickly and humanely. Due to the additives of good karma, you will look for cooking this recipe.

How does money cleans up from negative karma.

Once again, let me explain, why karma is passed with money – it was a bad reason to have the money, and then it went through the chain of events and came to you. There is a causal relationship, i.e. Karma. There would not be a bad reason – and you didn’t have this money. Therefore, with the money came the remaining karma. Money cleared moving along the chain. This is reminiscent of the process water filtration or evaporation of water from the swamp and the precipitation of clean water. The main thing is not to be the first filter. Because, in which settles all dirt – in our case it is the negative karma.

Welcome to the world of not atheistic money.

If you believe, that your use atheistic money, then know that it is not proven. It is simply put in the basis of atheist “religion” = “there is no God”. And by the way, observability, or lack of God, is determined by the level of your spiritual development and the availability of higher-mind intelligence. If the organ of the body is not developed; or it is in its infancy and is not in a position to observe and draw conclusions – who is to blame this and what to do?