After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

Why head sometimes poorly understands?

    Who is showing increased interest in you and in what cases?

    What are the methods of counteracting “blocking” the brain?

    How to protect your mind from psychophysical attacks?

    Preliminary welcome: general theory

If you realized, that you were wrong and life living not in the atheistic world model (well, atheistic world model – this is where all are the result of chance and children bring storks).

It is needs to sensibly evaluate the influence of metaphysical processes on a conscious and subconscious functions, that affect the quality and well-being of the community and the workers.

Many of the company’s losses are due to blocked managers and other employees of third-party modules and malicious activities of negative psychic energy extractors. It is clear that the negative emotions destroy team and we should get rid of them. This is a practical use of mind-body protection systems in your business.

We should watch for all from the side of the attacker. Here’s for example, demons are considering your team as a good dairy herd on extraction of psychic energy. Yes – that is, because in their view the modern development of your average employee, compared with them, as between you and dumb cow. The reason is – they think, you don’t understand anything in life except for knowledge, that money is earning. They long ago wrote you off in hell as food, but there is a task before it to take “milk” = psychic energy. They are usually works together with the “blockers” – those, who block awareness of a fact or the need of some action. The basic principle, that most well describes this phenomenon: “look in a book – see nevermind”. Their typical tricks are:

    “Never noticed” – was blocked understanding visual information in the brain. The methods of counteraction: accurate presentation of the material, that it was not difficult to notice. A slight distraction to the other work and subsequent re-acquaintance with the material. Often after that you sometimes wonder how there’s still something new was missed; as an option – give out to to learn the material to yet another employee. These methods are based on the fact, that block the brain’s analysis of visual images of many people in different settings of brain force very difficult, like changing your activity when they have to recover read receipt blocker, that causing further difficulties.

    “Never understood” – it is noticed, that some things are not properly understood, and then after some attempts reached a real sense. The attack is called the substitution of sense. It is not clear exactly how it manages to implement. But you said and meant one thing, and others have understood quite differently.  And not at all from what employee feigned blunt or actually break, but simply he/she is blocked. (It is possible to embed the distortion to you too. That is, you said one thing and meant another, several of you have heard and understood too and distorting the meaning). For this reason, if there is a case to download a lot of negative mental energy, it will be done. The losses are guaranteed, if there is no conscious system of countermeasures. It is very hard to resist such bad things, and that’s why – because the control of the subconscious processes of consciousness is difficult and operational control in real time is not possible. We must stop think and not run headlong to perform and on the other. It is need to ask clarifying questions, and the objectives must be set up correctly and clearly.

    “Forgot”- it is control the processes of memory. It is the most common way to manipulate the object. Such thing do anybody from the relatively primitive entities to, of course, the karmic machine. If karma blocked you, you will have to just put up with it – the man trying to outmaneuver almost useless. Because, if you forgot anything, and the fate will be another, sometimes completely different. I do not know how to deal with it in real time. So, usually you can compose appointment books, lists.

    “Not thought of, did not realize” – deliberately narrowing the scope of a searching, rummaging through which you will never solve the problem in a useful way. Oppose: the maximum expansion of the search area at the beginning of the consideration of even the most ridiculous variants. Again the needed decision can masquerade as completely inappropriate, as it seems to you.

    A bit droll way, but sometimes helps in severe cases when there are massive attack: it is useful covereth sign of the cross. It removes glitches and blocked modules of the brain, which may not be perceived as glitches, but simply “not conscious” area. Helps to look with fresh eyes at the situation, see new details, improves the functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is recommended as a replacement for the “pinch me – suddenly it all seems to me”. Because if someone seriously took you, the pinch can not help you – believe me. And the substitution you can just overlook – as, for example, simply did not see the pedestrian or car or anything like, that in other similar situations, but they were there. Therefore recommend baptized as often as possible, several times a day. And prays, that evil did not come up to you, though neither you nor the modern church do not understand and know what is evil. Because, then either your karmic balance, nor the karmic machine will not be able to save you. But the truth is that: it is better not to know what is evil. Else your life risks becoming even bigger nightmare, than you can imagine. And there will be no way to go back to Paradise.

How could they all be cranking out such tricks with us?

The answer is simple: they purposefully for many generations tried to enter into us into the our subconscious. If you control of the subconscious mind – you control the entity. Not comfortable configurations and configurations, which were secure – of bodies, minds were destroyed at every opportunity, as enemies of the people, just as the made-up charges and with all means available. Entering in the diet meat contributed to the deterioration of the protective forces of the organism. It is not human food. Meat eating is not intended to humans. On meat only sinners fed (that’s why they’ve recorded you as its food).

Well, except for the “genes” are direct attacks on the nervous system – suddenly the head became ill, or any uncomfortable feelings started. This is the body signals about attack and tells you that it is unable to cope. Usually, this means that you have already hacked and all of your future decisions will most likely incorrect. The correct solution in this situation – aromatherapy, or incense you can fumigating, for example, essential oil. Even just the atomized in the cabinet or applied on the hair can quickly remove all symptoms and most importantly to beat off the attack. Continue without response would likely to empty or harmful to a cash outlay of time.

The rules to work effectively without locks

(identification and confrontation of third-party modules):

    If you determine a lock – delay final resolution, do a preliminary decision, switching to another task

    blocking usually accompanies unclear state of consciousness, frivolous behavior, reluctance to strain your mind

     “obviousness” – test it on “palmed off” decision “overriding” problems concerns the seemingly obvious in this situation

    doubt in all, search results for all of the parameters in the task, that is acceptable to a modified parts

    fully flexible interior work on the task, but with clearly defined transition points to the other scheduled tasks

    identification of frivolous subtasks and incorrect methods and ways of feeding time

    absolute visibility and accuracy, orderliness, and the system of work – in order to eliminate practices of third-party modules, such as: “not noticed (and incorrectly) have read, understood, … and to quickly find the information and to help you remember

    to subtasks you have spend a specific time and an intermediate result is not required – in order to avoid locks setting to miss the other scheduled cases or track on the right for someone karmic path

    Attempts to influence to the karmic module are responses to the answer for questions (can be thought of as training the mind in the hope that the power of the mind can alter the distribution of karmic forces at the moment – that is the catch point):

         “What I would have never thought in this situation?”

         “What would I never drew a attention or see at least?”

         “How some of the minor factors at the moment, will play a significant role in the future?”          “Is there any negative scenarios: improbable forgot to consider and there are now signs that everything just goes to this?”