After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is the hidden meaning and the essence of religions?

    What is the meaning of the commandments and religious rules, human spirituality?

    What are the aspects of life in the context of divine justice – the karmic machine?

    What are the dangers in the evocation of spirits?

    Is there a connection between the sinner and the consumption of meat?

    What happens to those, who do not believe in things that have obvious sense of understanding ?

The essence of all religions is the system of rules, which provide a more or less acceptable version of life in this world and in the other worlds. If you follow all rules, that tend to form a logical-investigation-closed system, i.e. fulfilling all the commandments and precepts, you don’t get bad and unpleasant for you causal effects or provoking others to breach them.

For example, the rule “does not want a wife or anything else your neighbor” to allow neighbor not feel tempted to kill you. I.e. again, bend the rules of karmic machine. You don’t violate the rules of karma. Also, you don’t incur others to violate them. But you can communicate with women outdoors in a relaxed atmosphere.

The same logical system can be implemented differently: for example, put all the women in turbans and only the clothes, that they were all externally identical to humans, and no one wanted to someone else’s wife, because they all look the same. But as compensation for admire the beautiful women on the street, give the ability to have multiple wives.

It’s all the way to overcome the negative aspects of the main rules of functioning and development of the living – individuals of opposite sexes to have cravings for reproduction and God had not to beg their to “be fruitful and multiply”. The task of the project certainly was: two mature specimens of opposite sex, even appearing at randomly in a set amount of time inevitably had to move on to the process of reproduction. Does not meet the criteria prototypes culled. But unsequenced reproduction does not give neither optimum composition of solids and shells, where Karma put new spirits for life. Karma do the optimal combination of genes, by contributing in the process order and uses the mechanism of feelings.

You can offer a variety of options for rules of life. All religious rules take into account the rules of karma (karmic machine). If there is successful to fulfill all the rules of karma – it would be a good result. Otherwise a good result is not guaranteed or guaranteed bad.

Many religions have one drawback – the karmic machine does not allow anyone to kill with impunity, for the sake of eating or any other needs. It punishes predators, and they guzzle other predators, suffer from diseases and other misfortunes. At the time of the mass dissemination of religion to cover, and to cover to the right way as many people as possible, the item about not using the meat as food was removed from the agenda. It all left for later, may be will come then somebody who will put this issue on the agenda. It is evidently, that the eating of meat is murder and all related – there is no anything good in this.

In Buddhism, immediately banned from causing any harm to living beings and the question of eating meat simply did not arise. Because eating meat you get “negative karma”. In principle, because for all that you pay from own account, everyone defines himself as much as he/she is in power and can pull, and sometimes we may hold the post or nothing eat at all. Traditions vary in different nations on this issue.

Talking about religion in a nutshell – it is a system for managing your own karma. If it was positive and there was no unnecessary anguish. We must believe that, because how does the karmic machine connected to your consciousness, as it suggests your feelings and thoughts, making it easier to take the right decision: that you will never see in the normal conditions of existence. Only believe – i.e. intuitively understand, that the most likely world arranged this way and it is right. 

But beyond known truth – who believe – will be saved from hell, others “will tighten” in there and it will be bad. There will recycle their negative karma. It’s not like it even masochist.

Well, everything else were in our history – if enthroned idol and worship him as God, he is in fear of losing power and taking advantage of its great power will start repressions.

About the commandments of compulsory rest time per week: if ever was in vanity or try to earn as much money as possible, which is always a little, the battle for your soul will lose without a fight. You’ll just haven’t time to think: what, why, where, why and how it all works. Dark forces using a rich arsenal of techniques and will not leave you a chance to understand the situation and find a way out. But the world works in fact is so obvious, that the evidence in the sense of understanding of things (for example, that there is a God), if you do, as though it is just the opposite – are in hell.

Still a very sensitive issue about images, that represent the God and His inner circle. In the biblical Old Testament they should not. What about the New Testament I don’t know. In Islam it is prohibited, in Buddhism they are worshipped mainly to karma, and statues of the Buddha are secondary.

Again, there are different approaches to the same issue: since no one image can not transmit the divine essence, better not to draw them all in the temples. But we understand, that God is not one. Because there are still many divine powers. Naturally you do not have to worship to them, but in principle, they are may portraying. There is another aspect, that by the image of the spirit you can be contacted with it. Ancients knew how to do it according to the rite of evocation. And here comes the complexity: drawn and shown one thing, it may be quite different, or even a part of the Higher Spirits picked up and moved to the side of darkness. And contact with them was awful and not for men, or more accurately, with shamans, priests, etc., every nation has its spiritual people. And it’s so awful, that it is better not to represent anything at all is an extreme point of view (Islam), to portray on canvas – how Christians made Saints, but there is always the risk that the image of the Saint is not what you’d expect. Well, Buddhism, where you can paint and do the statues of all you wish, but take all the risks to himself, as far as this corresponds to reality.

Call of the strongest spirits can cause abnormal behavior of bodies of living creatures in the surrounding space. And thus seize control of not only a “shaman”, but all those around, depending on the strength of spirit and his kindness. In the case of the evil manifestations, it is possible damage to the consciousness and causing other damage, spoilage psyches, which can significantly speed up your sending to hell, where most of people sent in the spiritless current time.

In the context of the foregoing, damage from improper actions of man for himself and for his community minimum in Islam and, respectively, the maximum in Buddhism, many Gods of India and other Buddhist countries (there’s an incredible amount of) resemble to normal human creature of horror movies and films about the dark forces. For instance in USSR (there the most people have broken all the commandments, bore, false witness against the neighbor, envied, and so on to infinity, and finally just showed their current relationship to the Creator), and in other countries of the world too, the violation of karmic laws was back to normal and the result is that you will see in the very near future.