After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

How to fight with minimal damage to your own karma?

    What is the cause of the phenomenon of luck in a war?

    How are the hidden forces do in a war?

War has no rules. All the commandments have recommendatory nature. There is a recommendation to minimize unnecessary and redundant karmic torment for whom, that not liking suffer. The recommendation is to use karmic machine as Allied troops of “invisible” front for the real battle is extremely effective. Briefly stated thus: not inflict damage to the enemy beyond what is necessary to solve the task. This follows from the simple consideration, that for karma it is not important, for what, and why anyone inflicted suffering and destruction. It’s still the same charges a karma. But it is difficult to explain the armed enemies, that begining fighting horribly karmically unprofitable. You have to operate on the basis of the situation.

For example, horribly inefficient to destroy vehicles with 10000 cows, that the enemy did not get moving supplies. No such order to give that command – it is unprofitable, nor execute it too. On the basis of karma is much more beneficial to the enemy ate them, then them will be assessed a negative karma, which means they will be more vulnerable to your weapon. Because of its increased negative karma requires increased torments, and to master this negative experience, karmic machine hook into the plans of your command and your actions and will correct them so, as to give the enemy more an agonizing loss.

One of the negative karmic enemy soldiers by exceeds the threshold for the possible destruction. Than, for example, during the shooting happens so, that you target into it, but otherwise, probably, would have been a different outcome of the shooting events, and you would have missed. The same is true of all and for you: If your negative karmic balance is small, more likely to come back alive, because bullet missing and the rest are lucky.

During the war there is an example to follow by those, who survived and not strongly increased its negative balance. Because, the heroes are usually not justified – this maneuver is used to survive by someone else, perhaps it does not karma, but an outside forces. Because “protected the God protects”, and if you run close to the body to an enemy bunker, then it’s your choice and you have nothing to save.

The phenomenon of luck in the war is explained simply: who survived in many battles are a friends of karma, it just means – the trajectory of a projectile is controlled, so that it does not harm you, fragments of the bullet were sent by and if you realize that karma is integrated at all in all, it is easy to do such things like this.

So eating meat in war as in peace is not recommended. And of course, a negative balance of karma is not only from sinful foods is formed.

Of course, it is preferable to take prisoners, rather than leave the corpses. You need to injure or disable enemies, not kill. Because if you are alive, the Karma while playing on your side. And if you start spitting on karma, you will be tear by another hands as to exceed your threshold. War is arranged in order to defuse the situation, there are a lot of negative karma, it craves your torment. It is simply massacre and much suffering to anything and everything. And it is clear, that it all for your cumulative sins or scientific – for your substantial negative karmic balance generally.

Statistics sais, that only 25% soldiers shoot at the enemy, and only 2% of them do this to kill the enemy. The overwhelming majority does not want to kill the enemy and do it under the pressure of circumstances.

Command need to plan operations to achieve goals with the least losses and minimal damage to the living objects of the enemy. Weapons of mass destruction, taking into account their karmic results is extremely disadvantageous for oneself. Generally, the weapons, from that can kill yourself or it simply can bring serious harm to himself, in the strict sense is not a weapons. This tool will destroy themselves and their kind. Here is the fist is more like the role of weapons: from it is difficult to destroy themselves and the enemy can’t use it against you just will not be able to, but it is ineffective.

I’ll tell you, why this is so important: for example, if you lose control of yourself – for example, drink too much, be in a deep depression and fall or something like that, than, for example, demon, taking over at that point (and what do you think, why you drink or have entered into depression) can shoot off your hand on an involuntary movement ( involuntary movements are difficult to control – arm jerked and all) your eggs. If the degree of loss of control will be more significant, it with your hand shoot through you brains, and then in the afterlife you seriously think about philosophical and metaphysical issues. With the same success, it can jerk up you on – you’re not in control of the body and can do nothing to look of your destroying.

The main findings Well, the main thing is the realization, that war is absolutely inefficient and lead to mass destruction in war is not good. Although, the fighting may be economically very beneficial – looted wealth, the new territories and resources. But as always, what is cost-effective, karmically is horribly unprofitable. If you do not mind the prospect of “eternal turbulence in the mega horror”, then you can do as you like. For that to you given freedom of will.