Modern science and atheism

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What does modern science?

    What is the role of science in the promotion of atheism?

    Is it true that one another prevent?

    What modern scientists are wrong, why many their fundamental theories have been refuted by the practice but new theories is not invented?

    Who is really benefiting the atheism?

What does modern science?

The science of man, of their subconscious, of childbirth, of the psyche is in antediluvian and embryonic condition. But really this science were just depressed and are not in the mainstream. Because going wrong way. Because within atheism they have no future, this concept doesn’t provides for their further development, has resulted in a stalemate. This fields of science simply crushed, in the past they have been much better.

The subconscious as it was and remains a black box, beyond the level of the chemical processes of regulators is not coming. With the causes of diseases medicine is not fighting. Most diseases are the cause of the damage structure of the subconscious. It works with wrong algorithms of subconscious processes and this leads to disruption of tissues and medication only eliminate symptoms. All modern medicine as a matter of fact nothing is: the only progress in surgery and other related fields, more treat effectively without the numerous side effects, eliminating the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms they do not know how to.

The role of official science was confined to the promotion and advocacy of atheism by demonstrating the power of scientific achievements and discoveries, as well as the fight against the so-called pseudo-science. Now official science takes the role of the Church in the middle ages and determines what for its view is correct (i.e. corresponds to earlier foundational work, although perhaps these fundamental works are wrong) and what is not. And the reason is one – it is afraid of losing its own influence on the minds of society. If the new theory give results, that means the old theory must be processed in accordance with the new data. It certainly is hard to admit, that they are somehow fundamentally mistaken, but sooner or later it will have to do. If the scientific community will continue to hinder the development of other sciences and therefore society for self-serving reasons, then you can be if not in the tail end of the evolutionary progress, where at the beginning of the tail.

I never understood how one another hindrance. For example, why the presence of remnants of the dinosaurs is contrary to the Bible and the origins of man. There’s also all the metaphorical described. It is difficult to convey in words and terms, some almost completely devoid of intelligence, as it did for the amoeba – still say, that it was created from clay. It is not important what to call its main material properties can be transferred with a known share of intelligence on the real, multidimensional and an unthinkable object from which it is created. Only the essence and meaning of making is important, the form of words and phrases is for the second time.

What prevents and contrary to what God by the hands and minds of aliens created man on the Earth. Well, it is very simple: karmic machine “download” to advanced alien race interesting idea, after a lot of fabrications in the minds of scientists of this race are born future layouts and drawings. To woman’s creation does not reflect and just copied from Adam’s prototype, based on his skeleton and framework, distorting and beautifying. This hypothesis does not clash with metaphorically description of the Bible, nor supporters of the hypothesis paleocontacts, or the existence of God.

The parallel worlds hypothesis or the multidimensional space-states nor the existence of objects outside of the visible man narrow spectrum of rays, the narrow spectrum of feelings and does not contradict with others facts.

Advances of modern science is only in the field of abstract mathematics and similar areas, far from the reality.

How to apply abstract mathematical apparatus to physics? Will need to prove, that it can be done and the results will be in the physical sense. The theory of limits and the infinitesimal to the real world is explicitly not applicable: elementary particle is not divided into smaller by modern physicists, even to the concept of length and the way this apparatus cannot be used. It is not valid in the real world, because the material cut will not crumble on whatever small parts, but the approximate physical model things likes it works in practice. The laws of gravity out there too much to wonder: there is a suspicion, that perhaps in the universe are mutual forces of repulsion, not attraction and so, it is not as a result of the big bang. And apple fall to the Earth is due to the fact that the Earth repels it weaker, than the rest of the Universe force to it. And for each version of the theory you can come up with the set of physical laws, to real processes can roughly describe the theory virtually confirmed the facts, i.e. There are a number of ways to fit the theory to the specific facts. Perhaps, no such dependencies will be simple and beautiful, but this theory too has the same right to existence. The absence of Antigravity engines said, that the existing theory about something wrong. Because with the right theory it can invent the most likely even a schoolboy, and here the whole Academy of science has no idea where to start. And such examples might be incorrect fitting of the theories under the facts can be found everywhere where the progress of science has stopped.

In the field of genetics all have long proved, that Darwin’s theory is not correct. Because some of the genes responsible for the the species and part of it responsible for the variability within the species. If change somehow genes for the species of animal, it dies leaving no offspring and there are others facts. I.e. the new species from the others could not be formed. Also, known the fact called “unsimplifiable complexity”. It is when a complex living system without any it staff ceases to function, and thus could not be retrieved as a result of changes in the sequence of natural selection. And mutation of genes do not create anything new: no new bodies or qualities – they just violate the structure of DNA. This not creating new links – it destroying the old links. The secular elites afraid to increase the influence of the Church and therefore did not say aloud that facts.

Let us consider for example the geology: the origin of the Earth. There is again a slurred pattern, that the continents float on their plates. Long ago were calculated, that prakontinent to form Pangea can be random, as if it was formed by expanding the Land, i.e. The Earth’s crust cracked and swelled and the continents parted, bottom cicatrized crust and drained the water from the inner layers of the Earth. All of this perhaps not during billions of years.

This is just part of the critique and alternative theories. These alternative theories of the above theory not I came up with. If you want, you can get acquainted in more detail with the works of the authors of these ideas on their own.

We can continue – this list of concealment and incomprehensible can be long, summarize the results. In modern science, there are many falsifications facts. This is done consciously, because recognition of the fools first unpleasant, second seriously affected the image of atheism. And those, who have benefit from atheism (let’s call them the dark forces) is not like such things. Just remember that people did not play global role here, curiously. Compared with the forces, that govern the course of events, they’re just stupid weak puppet. Neither the authorities nor the scientific community can do nothing, just continue to pretend that everything is fine, everything is just great …The power of earthly rulers in general no no. What can be the power, if only one small micro-organism – and you had destruction, karmic machine debited and exposed to you a huge expense in proportion to the extent of responsibility for everything, that happened during your reign of years spent in power and other factors. One this is able to scare away all the potential contenders for the throne in the State, where the violation of the karmic laws of this norm, and the power behind the actions and omissions, and in General for all responsible to karma. As usual for the actions of subordinates are punished and their bosses too get deductions. What to do if employees many and they all are sinners ? Karma makes a big blade from their transgressions, that the negative karmic account becomes a fantastically bloated. And Karma must pay and it would make it absolutely ruthlessly, otherwise God would be unjust, what does not happen. In the end it’s the flip side – rules not only enjoy the power and get into the history.

Computer virus model of a metaphysical threats

After reading this material you will learn the answers to the questions:

What is the look on life processes in terms of the evolution of the spirit?

    How can control the entities in the system implicitly ?

    Why using God’s name during bustle is bad for your karma?

Preliminary material for the study:

    The generalized model of the universe

    Karmic machine

How is it that there are different foreign elements, malicious evil entities, that intercept and control over the thoughts of entities?

The answer is obvious and reminds the opposition between defense and attack systems: for more sophisticated protective systems come up with more sophisticated attacks. Therefore, you cannot guarantee the absence of evil and dark forces at various levels in the system. It is logical to assume, that “antivirus” scanners constantly monitor activity. But given the complexity of their task of identifying malicious processes, one must realize, that you need to take an active part in this and to bring to the attention of the administrative machine tools to restore order in the system. Malicious entyties are not afraid of you, they fear only “system administrators”. Because of it behavior or attack will be reported something like: “Detected an anomalous behavior of N bodies or objects specific to CCCC entity. The heuristic analyzer has already sent and conducts additional checks. Terminator to intercept this entity is configured and will be sent via … units of time.

Here is the only one thing that the entity, which captures the bodies doesn’t start wildly boldness and abnormally behaving when it is not in its plans. So, there is checking whether it be competent owner of the body of the sinner. The administrative module looks at it as a natural formation as a result of the actions of the man himself. In other words, it checks does the entity in the list of valid entities involved in evolutionary processes at this level, corresponding it karma of the man or not. Foresaid is about really the so-called “devilry” when the bodies began do something strange. For administrative scanner it is enough of your mental signal, example “what a horror I watch, my God!”. But in the most severe cases for fidelity it is recommend to say the name of God, because they may jam the signal of a thought and the system does not see them and your mental thought, although you clearly see it for example. The spoken word is very difficult to remove from the system. The system interceptor, administrative scanner is necessarily will work. And if it will analyze, that you just a “spammer” and distract it from real threats, then you have bad karma – karmic minus will be provided to you. It will be recorded you in “ban for flooders” list)).

This happens when any dumb woman by reason of the funny danger from any animal or insect or simply the threat of badly or brought up people and other actions caused by bad karma. So she starts to things all Divine to assist her. But more often it just happens when the entities, who capture people, enter the Name of the God in the permanent lexicon, thereby disorienting the system and diverting it from real threats-i.e. Here, as is it often will be, the woman is an accomplice to evil forces, and they use her karmic account.

If you use these stupid thing, then the next time the help may not come to you. It’s not worth waiting for instant results – there is a need to carefully cut out the essence from the system: may be it really shouldn’t be here or if it is not only from this world or generally do not understand what it is.